Dane Edidi


Dane Edidi

Dubbed the Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi is a Nigerian, Cuban, Indigenous, American Performance Artist, Author (Yemaya’s Daughters, Brew, Baltimore: A Love Letter, Wither, Remains: A Gathering of Bones, Keeper, Bone, and The Blood of A Thousand Roots), Teacher, Choreographer, Oracular Consultant, Spiritual Life Coach, Priestess, Speech Writer, Writing Coach, Advocate, a Founding Member of Force Collision.

She is the founder of The Inanna D Initiatives, which curates, produces and cultivates events and initiatives designed to center and celebrate the work of TGNC Artists of Color.

She is the Founder, Co-Producer and Curator of La Ti Do’s annual Celebration of Trans Artist and Capturing Fire’s Alchemy.

She is a 2016 Helen Hayes Nominee, the first Trans Woman of Color in DC to publish a work of Fiction, as well as the first Twoc Playwright to be chosen for Theater Alliance’s Hothouse Festival, having her play Absalom read at the Kenney Center’s Prelude Festival. From Baltimore Maryland, and growing up singing jazz, she has been utilizing art as a tool for healing, revolution and collective liberation since she was a child giving birth to several arts advocacy initiatives.

Learn more at https://www.ladydanefe.com/.