All Her Muses

All Her Muses  is Natalie Illum (left) and Grey Jacks (right)

All Her Muses started as a collaborative cover band project featuring D.C poet/singer Natalie E. Illum and multi-instrumentalist Grey Jacks.  Grey and Natalie met in mid-2014 and immediately found a love of common music between them and a mutual talent for making obscure and indie covers new again.

A former DC grand slam champion and touring performance poet, Natalie has now gone back to her roots as a choir girl and is writing original lyrics. Grey is a songwriter and artist who’s journey has lead from Dallas, Texas to Nashville, TN to Washington, DC.  Performing on vocals, piano, guitar, and occasionally the trumpet, he is known for his work on three full-length albums with the Nashville indie-rock band Glossary.  He is also currently the sole writer and driving force behind the DC band the Grey A.

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